Contact Form not Sending Emails

We all love wordpress plugins. It makes our lives easier! But sometimes it give us some headache. Recently, I encountered an error on my contact form. Upon submit, the “loading icon” just “loads”, no refresh and nothing comes through my email. Whether its contact form 7 or mm forms, both have the same problem. And I found out that its not the contact form 7 nor the mm forms’ problem either. Take note that it has nothing to do with the WP version. I have one site that still runs on WP 2.9 with no problem at all. So here are some of my solutions that worked:

Solution 1: Check your header.php if it has this line of code before :

Solution 2: Do the same with your footer.php. Check before end of if it has this line of code:

If these files don’t have those codes mentioned above, just add them. They are important to make your plugins work correctly.

Also I’ve found out that, besides they don’t work, caching plugins cause a lot of problems on your site. And one problem is with the contact forms. And the bad news is even if you have disabled and removed these caching plugins, they still leave a line of code that will continue to bring problems in the future. So here’s how to fix it.

Solution 3: Open your wpconfig.php and remove this line of code:
define(‘WP_CACHE’, true);

If you have a similar problem or another solution, just add a comment below or you can join the discussion from forum


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