Contact Form Loading Forever

I encountered another problem regarding a contact form plugin, which is “mm forms community”. After a user clicks on “submit”, it does not refresh the form or show the “thank you” message. Instead the loading icon just loads like…forever. But I received the result on my email.

I have searched over the web as well as the forums but I can’t seem to find any solution. So once again, I go “trial and error” mode. 🙂

Solution 1: Review. I have reviewed my previous post “Not Sending emails” and also reviewed my functions.php or wpconfig.php which is related to another post. But I have already done all those reviews and still nothing.

Solution 2: Upgrade. I have upgraded my plugins and also my wordpress version to the latest which is 3.1.. Result, still not working.

Solution 3: Deactivate Plugins. It can’t be helped but there’s always conflicting plugins. So I have deactivated all plugins and activate them one by one while testing my contact form. And I found out that its the contact form 7, that making my mmforms to have this error. Before I can use them both but since the upgraded WP version 3.0, I can’t.

Conclusion: As of WP version 3.0 and up, “mm forms community” is having a “loading forever” problem when “contact form 7” is active. Therefore, both plugins must not be used at the same time.

More Info: I read in some blogs that in Contact Form 7, the error is caused by an “apostrophe” in its “thank you message” section. So you must not add words like we’ll instead use we will. I am not sure its possible though coz the default settings of this plugin don’t contain any apostrophe or other unknown characters.

Another blog said its caused by his hosting server GoDaddy. In my opinion, its not true. Our blogs were hosted on GoDaddy and I have not encountered (yet) any problem regarding contact forms conflicting with the server.

Anyway, I will update this post if I find more answers.


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2 responses to “Contact Form Loading Forever

  • derbys

    Hi, I also use mm forms community (without Contactform 7) and everything is working fine. Only if I attach files by a fileupload field the status message won’t appear and the throbber is remaining (loading forever).

    Mails are beeing sent correctly, also with attachments, only the “status-ok” is not triggered.

    Do you have an Idea where to start searching for a solution?

    WordPress version 3.2

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