About us

Hi there,

We are a group of webmasters with a minimum of 4 years experience. Our range of work is from setting up to designing wordpress sites. We have created wordpress sites based from another site or mock-up (PSD). We also converted some sites from html to wordpress with the same look-and-feel of the original html site. We can also can create templates for a wordpress page. (i.e. If you want a specific wordpress page to look different from others like have no sidebar or smaller header, etc.) .

And since facebook is in demand, we provide facebook – wordpress integration. Also we personalize facebook fan pages with aweber form, video, youtube gallery, rss feeds and a lot more.

We also provide other services like css/html, twitter and youtube customization.

For more information about our work, please visit our portfolio. You can contact us by filling up the form here or directly send us a message through gmail.

Thanks and Hope to hear from you soon!


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