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Contact Form Loading Forever

I encountered another problem regarding a contact form plugin, which is “mm forms community”. After a user clicks on “submit”, it does not refresh the form or show the “thank you” message. Instead the loading icon just loads like…forever. But I received the result on my email.

I have searched over the web as well as the forums but I can’t seem to find any solution. So once again, I go “trial and error” mode. 🙂

Solution 1: Review. I have reviewed my previous post “Not Sending emails” and also reviewed my functions.php or wpconfig.php which is related to another post. But I have already done all those reviews and still nothing.
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Contact Form not Sending Emails

We all love wordpress plugins. It makes our lives easier! But sometimes it give us some headache. Recently, I encountered an error on my contact form. Upon submit, the “loading icon” just “loads”, no refresh and nothing comes through my email. Whether its contact form 7 or mm forms, both have the same problem. And I found out that its not the contact form 7 nor the mm forms’ problem either. Take note that it has nothing to do with the WP version. I have one site that still runs on WP 2.9 with no problem at all. So here are some of my solutions that worked:
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