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How to Create a WordPress Template Part2

In the previous post, I pointed out on how to create your own wordpress template. As a review, all you have to do is create a new php file, lets say page2.php. Open your page.php and copy all of the codes to page2.php (your new php file) and at the top most code just add this:

Now lets move on further. Let’s say you want a new page with a different header image and different navigation links.
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How to create a new template?

What is a wordpress template?
A wordpress template is a .php file that will control how your wordpress page would look like. So let’s say you want a specific page to have the same look of the theme, but with no navigation. A template will make it possible. But how? You should first know how to create a template.

Its easy. Step 1: create a new .php file using an editor like notepad, dreamweaver or other similar software. In dreamweaver, click File > New. Then on the new window choose page type as PHP and press create.

Step 2: open your page.php. Copy all the contents to the new .php document. You can remove some line of code. For example to have a one-column page just remove
<?php get_sidebar( ) ?>

Step 3: on the new document, add this on the top most part:

Template Name: Full-width, no sidebar

You can choose whatever name you like, but I suggest to keep it short and descriptive. It will be shown in the page attributes when you create a page. See image below.

Lastly, save your .php file to any name you want, it does not matter. After that, upload it to your site. It should be in the same directory where your page.php is.

That’s it. You have created a new template. When you create a page, just choose it from the page attributes as shown in the image above.

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